Renesas provides a comprehensive lineup of battery front-ends to cover all battery management system protection, monitoring and balancing requirements. Our battery front-end ICs meet the reliability and performance requirements of battery powered applications including power tools, UPS systems, home appliances, and e-bikes. Our automotive-grade Li-ion BMS portfolio is designed to meet the performance requirements of next generation hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and electric vehicle (EV) applications.


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Low-Side FET White Paper 简体中文 White Paper PDF 263 KB
Putting Safety into Li-ion Battery Packs 简体中文 White Paper PDF 451 KB
Five Easy Steps to Create a Multi-Load Power Solution White Paper PDF 846 KB
Battery Management System Tutorial 简体中文 White Paper PDF 451 KB
Implementing Inter-Module Communications in EV Battery Systems White Paper PDF 354 KB
Optimizing Battery Accuracy for EVs and HEVs White Paper PDF 400 KB
Industrial Power Management Brochure 日本語 Brochure PDF 3.51 MB