Staff Engineer Sho Hataki, who is involved in RL78/G23 product planning and sales strategy, introduces the newly released RL78/G23 which is a microcontroller (MCU) equipped with peripheral functions that are optimal for the trends in IoT Edge devices.

By Sho Hataki, Staff Engineer -- 2021-04

2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the Renesas RL78 Family of 16-bit microcontrollers, and the long-awaited new RL78/G23 unveils during this memorable year. Toshihiko Seki, Senior Director of the RL78 Family Division introduces the RL78/G23, together with the past journey and future direction of RL78 Family.

By Toshihiko Seki, Senior Director -- 2021-04


By Johnson Tan, Senior Manager -- 2021-04

Ruggero walks you through design considerations for inductive sensing technologies and introduces an efficient solution for motor commutation applications.

By Ruggero Leoncavallo, Staff Product Marketing Manager -- 2021-04


By Keisuke Matsumoto, Application Engineer -- 2021-04

Miguel examines the growing trend to move from brush to brushless motors for more energy-efficient battery-powered systems and highlights an integrated, analog solution that simplifies designing with these complex motors.

By Miguel Mendoza, Technical Marketing Manager -- 2021-03

RX23W模块开发者岡田和久分享了新RX23W模块的开发背后的起因以及为验证天线特性而进行的 现场测试。

By Kazuhisa Okada, Principal Engineer -- 2021-03


By Yoshitaro Kondo, IoT Product Marketing -- 2021-03

Learn more about CNN hardware accelerators with enhanced functional safety mechanisms and performance for next-generation ADAS and autonomous driving systems.

By Katsushige Matsubara, Senior Manager -- 2021-03

瑞萨电子的RX23E-A是第一款集成业界领先模拟前端技术的RX MCU,瑞萨电子在RX23E-A上提供IO-Link通信解决方案的软件和硬件参考设计,有助于缩短客户的开发时间。

By Kayoko Nemoto, IoT Segment Marketing -- 2021-03