Renesas' PowerNavigator™ software allows simple configuration and monitoring of multiple Digital-DC devices using a PC with a USB interface. PowerNavigator makes it easy to change all features and functions of your digital power supply design using a simple graphical user interface.

What’s new from PowerNavigator 5.4.113 to 5.4.139?

New Features

Added support for:

*PowerNavigator will detect an ISL8280M or ISL8282M product as a single product type referred to as ISL828xM.

System Requirements

  • 32-bit or 64-bit Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 or Windows® 10
  • Minimum screen size: 1024 x 768px

Working in a production environment? You'll need to use the Production Configuration Tool.

Supported Products

What is the Production Configuration Tool?

The Production Configuration Tool (PCT) is used for quick loading and verification of configuration files into Intersil digital power controller/modules.

Both standard configuration files and production HEX files can be used. PCT will load and verify either format.

Download the Production Configuration Utility v5.4.139 (ZIP)


  • Program or verify configuration for multiple devices at the same time
  • Supports all devices supported by PowerNavigator
  • Data logging to error.txt file


文档标题 language 类型 文档格式 文件大小 日期
AN2026: PowerNavigator User Guide 应用文档 PDF 1.08 MB
PowerNavigator User Guide for POL 指南 PDF 4.68 MB
Production Configuration Utility User Guide 指南 PDF 714 KB
PowerNavigator User Guide for Digital Multiphase 手册 - 开发工具 PDF 5.52 MB
PMBus Interface Install Guide - Win7 x86 and x64 手册 - 硬件 PDF 693 KB


文档标题 language 类型 文档格式 文件大小 日期
PMBus Conversion Software Tool ZIP 54.93 MB
PowerNavigator v3.4.16 (legacy) ZIP 122.42 MB
ZLHLD Software v2.9 ZIP 119.19 MB
CompZL Software v1.5.1 ZIP 59.25 MB
ConfigCheck Software v1.5.12 ZIP 100.70 MB
PowerPilot Software GUI ZIP 435 KB
USB Drivers for the ZLUSBEVAL1Z (Windows 7) ZIP 1.75 MB
USB Drivers for the ZLUSBEVAL1Z (Windows XP/Vista) ZIP 166 KB
Production Configuration Utility v5.4.139 软件和工具 - 其他 ZIP 120.25 MB
PowerNavigator™ Software v5.4.139 软件和工具 - 软件 ZIP 96.49 MB