Dave discusses how air quality has become ever more important in consumers' lives and how measuring and reporting have become an industry standard in new homes and buildings. He delves into how the integration of these devices into our everyday lives and structures will require high performance, small size, and low power to be successful.

By Dave Simpson, Director of Marketing, Industrial Sensing -- 2022-06

Gionvanni discusses the ZSSC3281, a fully innovative architecture for the next generation of sensor signal conditioners to support the design and performance features of smart sensors.

By Giovanni Bertini, Staff Application Engineer -- 2022-06

I’d like to introduce the software and tool for the RZ/V2M equipped ISP and DRP-AI, called AI accelerator. You can start to develop vision AI products easily and immediately.

By Takuro Ichikawa, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2022-06

The use of the DSP can improve the performance and added value of your products.  In this blog, I will introduce the sample program of the FIR filter using RX140 as an example of the DSP application example that can be implemented at low cost.

By Yamauchi Kazutoyo, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2022-06

Cellular communication has become more important and even indispensable for IoT device connectivity. The new IoT development kits for both RA and RX MCU families, support LTE CAT-M1 connectivity to simplify design and deployment to get new solutions to market faster.

By Keita Kashima, Principal Marketing Specialist -- 2022-06

This blog covers considerations helpful to those who are presently operating or deploying service with Wi-Fi 5 and are looking to move forward to Wi-Fi 6.

By Tsahi Tal -- 2022-06

Renesas launches the RX66T 48-pin LFQFP 0.5mm-pitch optimized for single motor control in our RX-T series lineup, which is highly evaluated in the field of inverter control. It is possible to improve the performance of the system while keeping/utilizing the space saving where low-end/middle-range products used to be adopted.

By Kohei Aida, Senior Manager, Product Marketing -- 2022-06

In comparison with the conventional methods of data analysis which have facilitated the operations in IoT, Artificial Intelligence has proven that it can do it with a better precision and in a smaller timeframe. Both Machine learning and AI enable secure and predictive analytics in data centers and beyond.  Artificial Intelligence coupled with real-time analytics has provided businesses with an exceptional insight into the consumer experience and IT workers are now prone to act rather than react and solve issues even before the end user knows there is an issue.

By Kaushal Vora, Senior Director -- 2022-06

Small size, good performance, and low power consumption…If you need a useful Arm MCU, it’s time to discover the advantages of RA2E2 which has the first ultra-compact package in Renesas RA family. And let’s check the reasonable RA2E2 fast prototyping board.

By Yukiko Date, Staff Product Marketing Specialist -- 2022-06