Indoor air quality is important to our health and being able to monitor it with battery operated devices using Renesas’ ZMOD4410 ultra-low power air quality sensor is beneficial.

By Dave Simpson, Director, Business Development -- 2022-01

We make the core software that drives the brain, the semiconductors, at the center of the increasing highly featured and complex systems brought together through E/E architectures.

By Ren Imaoka, Director -- 2021-12

Renesas is working on the development of computer vision software and the provision of an automated driving platform that supports functional safety in order to realize a highly automated driving society.

By Ren Imaoka, Director -- 2021-12

In the fields of driving assistance and autonomous driving, recognition sensor technology around vehicles will become extremely important. This time, we would like to introduce our efforts on RADAR, which represents recognition sensors.

By Takuya Takizawa, Senior Principal Specialist -- 2021-12

AUTOSAR MCAL Software is the basis in automotive control and communication to realize a safe and convenient society.

By Toru Oishi, Senior Principal Specialist -- 2021-12

The rapid growth of connectivity in vehicles also increases the potential for cyberattacks on in-vehicle networks. This time, we would like to introduce Renesas' efforts for in-vehicle security software.

By Takuya Takizawa, Senior Principal Specialist -- 2021-12

Designing the System Software solutions and Verification Strategies to realize ever increasing functionality and ever more complex E/E architectures demanded by the market.

By Ren Imaoka, Director -- 2021-12

This blog article focuses on secure boot of Renesas R-Car SoC devices in part three of three in a series of blog articles introducing secure boot.

By Philip Lapczynski, Principal Engineer, S/W -- 2021-12

AI complier we are developing is the software which can generate high-performance executable code for Renesas’s R-Car device from pre-trained deep neural network.

By Yuki Inoue, Senior Principal Specialist -- 2021-12

This blog explains about the secure boot in RH850 Automotive MCUs. This blog article, part 2 in a three-part series, aims to give readers a basic understanding of what secure boot is and why it is needed. There are 2 types of security IP on RH850 MCUs, ICU-S and ICU-M. In this blog article, we introduce how secure boot is realized on both types of devices.

By Satoshi Yamanaka, Principal Engineer -- 2021-12