The R-Car W1R is a system-on-chip (SoC) for automotive wireless communication that supports 760 MHz band vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication compliant with the ARIB STD-T109 communications standard for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) used in Japan. Through the use of Renesas' exclusive radio frequency (RF) system design technology, the R-Car W1R meets the ARIB requirements for out-of-band transmission noise and is used in the ITS Connect vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication system which has been used in Japan since October 2015. It is the only device in the world with a track record in this market.

  • Helps reduce system size by integrating all communication functions, from ARIB STD-T109-compliant RF to physical layer and data link layer, on a single chip
  • Small module reference design optimized for external RF components helps speed up development cycle
  • Exclusive RF system design realizes world's best out-of-band transmission noise characteristics
  • Combo V2X starter kit with R-Car W2H facilitates software development and verification testing

Renesas' V2X System Solutions

Small Module Reference Design Optimized for External RF Components

Renesas' exclusive RF system design technology realizes world's best out-of-band transmission noise characteristics.

W1R Reference Design

Renesas' V2X Starter Kit (RTK00V2XRC7746SAS): Compatible with Standards in Japan, the US, and Europe

  • This kit combines the R-Car W1R and the R-Car W2H SoC, which is equipped with the optimal security IP for V2X, and all the components necessary for realizing a V2X unit are mounted.
  • This kit includes a driver and firmware which have been verified with ITS protocol partners.


V2X Starter Kit


W1R System Block Diagram

Item R-Car W1R Specifications
Product Name (Part Number) R-Car W1R (μPD35901)
Standard ARIB STD-T109 (Rev.1.2) PHY/MAC protocol
Frequency Band 760 MHz
Power Supply Voltage 3.3 V (IO), 1.2 V (Core)
CPU Core
32-bit (operating frequency: 160 MHz)
Built-in Memory 128 KB RAM, 32 KB ROM
Host Interface SDIO
Memory Interface I 2 C
Package 176-pin plastic FBGA 10 mm × 10 mm / 0.65 ball pitch
Operating Temperature Ta = -40 to +85°C (JEDEC JESD 51-9), Tj = -40 to +125°C
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