Flower Power Reference Design

Featuring Intersil’s 4.5V – 18V Input Switching Regulator

Intersil’s flower reference design showcases a diverse portfolio of products for broad market applications. From power management to precision analog and specialty ICs, we've got you covered for your designs.


The Flower Power reference design highlights Intersil’s 4.5V – 18V input switching regulator. This board utilizes the ISL85005, 5A device as a representative of this full line-up of wide-input switching regulators. Additionally, the board uses the ISL29102 Light to Voltage Sensor, the ISL21080 300nA NanoPower Voltage Reference and the ISL28915 Nano Power, Push/Pull Output Comparator. The board is powered from two Energizer CR2032 3V coin cell batteries and thanks to its low-power design, will be able to deliver over 1000 song cycles.

Key Features

The Flower Power PCB is shaped like a 5-petal flower and comes in two colors, purple and yellow. It has 5 RGB LEDs on the front and an Intersil ambient light sensor to control the LED brightness. The flower features a Microchip MCU programmed to plays 5 songs while the LED lights flash in random patterns. Additionally the reference design:

  • Displays a light pattern for low battery alert
  • Automatically enters power savings mode
  • Is powered with two CR2032 coin cell batteries; includes suction cup for hanging
  • When start button is pressed, LEDs flash in a pattern to the melody of the 5 hippie-era songs: “Do You Believe in Magic,” “Are you Going to San Francisco,” “Here Comes the Sun,” “Age of Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In,” and “Puff the Magic Dragon”

The following Intersil and partner products are featured in this reference design:

  • ISL85005 – 4.5V to 18V Input, 5A High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Regulator
  • ISL29102 – Low Power Ambient Light-to-Voltage Nonlinear Converter
  • ISL21080 – 300nA NanoPower Voltage References
  • ISL28915 – Nano Power, Push/Pull Output Comparator
  • ATmega328P-AU – picoPower® technology 8-bit AVR® RISC-based (MCU)
  • ASPI-0630LR series – Abracon molding type power inductor
  • PKLCS1212E4001-R1 – Murata SMD piezoelectric sounder plus 7 capacitors


This reference design is intended to be a fun office adornment. Simply press the button on the back and the flower will play one of 5 classic “Summer of Love” songs and create an eye-pleasing color LED pattern on the petals. It comes with a suction cup hanger that can be used to hang the board on a window or any smooth surface.

Peace, Love, & Low Power

Peace, Love, & Low Power

What groovy uses can you find for your Flower Power reference design?

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Flower Power PCB Front with LEDs

Flower Power PCB Front with LEDs

Flower Power PCB Back

Flower Power PCB Back



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