Digital DC/DC PMBus 33A Module Evaluation Board


The ISL8271MEVAL1Z provides all circuitry required to evaluate the features of the ISL8271M. A majority of the features of the ISL8271M, such as compensation-free ChargeModeTM control, soft-start delay and ramp times, supply sequencing, and voltage margining are available on this evaluation board. For sequencing evaluation, the board can be connected to any Intersil digital module evaluation board that supports the Digital-DCTM (DDC) bus.

Key Features

  • VIN range of 4.5V to 14V, VOUT adjustable from 0.6V to 5V
  • Programmable VOUT, margining, UV/OV, IOUT limit, soft start/stop, sequencing, and external synchronization
  • Monitor: VIN, VOUT, IOUT, temperature, duty cycle, switching frequency and faults
  • ChargeModeTM control tunable with PMBus
  • Mechanical switch for enable and power-good LED indicator


  • Server, telecom, storage, and datacom
  • Industrial/ATE, and networking equipment
  • General purpose power for ASIC, FPGA, DSP and memory

ISL8271MEVAL1Z Digital Power Module Evaluation Board

ISL8271MEVAL1Z Digital Power Module Evaluation Board


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