6-Phase 12V/48V Bidirectional Synchronous PWM Controller Evaluation Kit


The ISL78226 software enables control and observation of register settings and functional status of the controller. It works primarily via a USB to I2C interface dongle. This dongle also enables logic (GPIO) control of discrete pins of the controller. This software allows the user to interact and evaluate all aspects of the ISL78226 PWM controller.

It is designed to enable the user to quickly test out register settings and mode selections. There are approximately 60 control selections that are programmable at the register hex level or from user selectable combo controls in the GUI. The software can also poll 70 plus alert and operation indicators.

The evaluation kit contains:

  • ISL78226EVAL1Z REV A evaluation board
  • ISLUSBADAPT-EVZ REV A USB to I2C interface kit
  • USB cable, I2C  cable (4 wires), and GPIO cable (11 wires)

This board can be used to boost 12V to 48V or buck from 48V to 12V. The software GUI enables the user to program fault conditions and control the status of the board.

Software Key Features

  • I2C /PMBus compatible digital interface
  • read/write registers via direct hex or human translated interface elements
  • Quick access control of EN and PWM_EN Enable pins
  • Functional combo box selection of over 60 control register setting selections
  • Direct hex read of fault and status registers
  • Functional display of faults and operating status
  • File-based save and recall of control register values
  • User selectable automatic startup options


  • Automotive 12V to 48V bidirectional DC/DC
  • Bidirectional DC/DC for smart grid

ISL78226EVAL1Z 12V to 48V Bidirectional Evaluation Board

ISL78226EVAL1Z 12V to 48V Bidirectional Evaluation Board


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