Renesas' power management ICs (PMICs) are integrated circuits that perform various functions related to the power requirements of a host system. A PMIC may have a combination of the following functions: DC/DC conversion, battery charging, linear regulation, power sequencing, and other miscellaneous system power functions.

Renesas' PMIC portfolio includes shunt regulators, point-of-load (POL) converters, ICs for power factor correction (PFC) power supplies, multiple output controllers designed for XScale processors, and 3-terminal regulators. Ultra-small, high-efficiency PMICs that are ideal for a wide range of consumer, industrial and networking devices including smartphones, tablet computers, solid-state drives, and networking and wireless IoT devices, as well as application-specific power management ICs (PMICs) for a wide range of automotive, consumer, industrial, and networking applications including automotive TFT displays and ultrabooks, notebooks and tablet computers are also available. And, ICs for wireless charging that are suitable for the wearable market are included in Renesas' PMIC product offerings.

For automotive products, please see Automotive Power Management.


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