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The Sparkling Therometer Project

What is Visible Light Communication?

How to Create a Thermometer

The Experimental Method

2015 International VLC Workshop

Make Your Very Own Thermometer!

Making Jewelry

Making a "Disco KURUMI"

Making a Planetarium

Making a Bird’s Nest

Concluding the Workshop



Yumiko Kodama

Environmental Sculptor, Lighting Designer/LED Artist
Creator of lighting for the Nagano Olympics’ award ceremonies
Creator of Hokusai’s Red
Mt. Fuji for the Chunichi Shimbun Pavilion at Expo 2005 Aichi.

Also created the Visible Light Communication Monument for the Beijing Olympics, and is currently researching “Olympic IT Strategies” at the National Institute of Informatics.


Let’s begin by pressing the white switch on the assembly kit. Can your smartphone or iPad receive the signal? Let’s experiment and find out!


We can see that covering the LED with a black stocking clearly helps.


When you click your iPad camera, “29 degrees” pops up.


Now let’s try using various other things as covers in place of the stocking.


Let’s try it with this gray translucent plastic.


It looks like this works too!

Xuan Shi from Malaysia was impressed by the adorable sound and the temperature appearing on the screen. It put a happy smile on her face!


Continue on to learn about Making Jewelry.