This relatively simple board is intended to provide a quick means to test the performance of the active balun configuration using the ISL55210 wide band, fully differential amplifier (FDA). While all wideband, voltage feedback (VFA), fully differential amplifiers can perform a single ended input to differential output operation, the frequency span for acceptable input match (or low return loss) is greatly enhanced by the >1.5GHz common mode loop bandwidth internal to the ISL55210.

Quickly evaluate performance for a breakthrough new amplifier type.

  • AC coupled single ended input with a wideband "active" impedance match
  • Convert to differential in the ISL55210 to give a very broadband balun operation
  • Extremely low input referred noise for a matched input using the much lower resistor setting of the active match
  • Exceptional OIP3 for 115mW device. At a doubly terminated 50Ω load, OIP3> 40dBm through 200MHz

This board offers considerable flexibility in the input match and gain by simply changing four resistor values. It also offers several possible output interfaces to either get single ended or run differential output. As delivered, the default configuration delivers a -

  • 50ohm input impedance with >34dB return loss from 1MHz to 400MHz
  • Single ended input to single ended measurement output with 10.2dB gain and -1dB span from 3MHz to 800MHz
  • Input noise figure <7.5dB referenced to a 50Ω source.


  • Easily settable gain and input impedance (change only four resistors)
  • Wideband output balun for easy single-ended response measurements
  • Excellent simulation model available in iSim PE
  • Optional differential output port for FDA only response


  • IF receiver chains needing the smallest size single to differential solution
  • Ultrasound catheter systems needing flexible, wideband input match
  • MRI systems requiring single to differential with no magnetic elements
  • Lower frequency HF receivers needing the lowest power with exceptional dynamic range


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