Renesas is the leading dual-port RAM supplier, effectively bringing system design experience together with high-performance circuit and dual-port SRAM technology expertise to define synchronous and asynchronous dual-port RAM products.

An asynchronous low-power dual-port is a memory with non-clocked inputs, and outputs for data, address, and control functions based on a low 1.8V core voltage for ultra-low power consumption.


  • True dual-ported memory cells which allow simultaneous reads of the same memory location
  • 1.8V core voltage (significantly reduces power consumption)
  • ADM (address/data multiplexed interface)
  • Standard SRAM interface
  • Organizations: 4K x 16 (64K) / 8K x 16 (128K) / 16K x 16 (256K)
  • Low operating and standby currents: 15mA (typ.) operating current/2μA (typ.) standby current
  • Multiple voltage configurations (1.8V, 2.5V and 3.0V)
  • Common pinouts and footprints
  • Power supply isolation functionality to aid system power management
  • Input read and output drive registers
  • Small packages (6mm x 6mm x 1mm , 0.5mm-pitch fpBGA100 / 5mm x 5mm x 1mm, 0.5mm-pitch fpBGA81)
  • Reduced design complexity
  • Shorter time-to-market

Our family of low-power dual-port memory is the industry standard, with innovative features and speeds that provide superior value and performance to system-level designs. Renesas dual-port memories feature simultaneous access capability, with a number of arbitration techniques available to the designer to prevent contention and system wait states.


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