Welcome to Renesas’ fully-automated, remote-access phase noise measurement utility. This enables users to evaluate the phase noise performance of a specific clock configuration on a real device, on a real board, with a real phase noise analyzer – without setting foot in the lab. 

How It Works

  1. Create a custom device configuration file (.tcs) using Renesas’ Timing Commander™ software
  2. Upload your file using the Upload button at the bottom of this page (user must be logged in)
  3. Receive your jitter measurement results via email in minutes

Timing Commander Device Configuration Software

Renesas’ Timing Commander software platform allows you to easily expedite development cycles and optimize the configuration of our industry-leading clocking solutions. To create configuration files for the Renesas timing devices you are using, visit the Timing Commander page to download the installer.

Supported Products

Most of our programmable products are supported, including the VersaClock®, PhiClock™, ProXO™, and UFT™ famillies. See the detailed list of supported products:

Crystal Oscillators

Universal Frequency Translator (UFT)

Jitter Measurement Test Submission



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