Renesas' automotive wireless battery management system (BMS) offers material cost reduction and increased design flexibility, enabling more efficient scaling of electric vehicle fleets which are more competitive than traditional combustion-engine fleets.

System Benefits:

  • Eliminates the traditional BMS wired harness, saving the wiring and volume for design flexibility in the battery pack and improving manufacturability without compromising range and accuracy over battery life.
  • SmartBond TINY™, the world’s smallest and lowest power Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) 5.1 system-on-chip (SoC), reduces the cost of adding Bluetooth LE in an automotive system.
  • Multi-cell/Bluetooth LE with the ISL78714 automotive-grade Li-ion battery manager IC for a more cost-effective solution or 1-cell/Bluetooth LE with a Bluetooth LE MCU module for a flexible cell attachment/detachment concept.
  • Supports functional safety with RH850 microcontroller (MCU) and battery management IC (BMIC) devices.
  • System-level validation with a Bluetooth LE module is under development by Renesas.
Wireless Battery Management System
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