The Renesas Virtual Power (VP) Laboratory and iSim tools provide powerful online web simulation tools to help reduce development time.

Renesas VP

Renesas Virtual Power Laboratory (Renesas VP)

Renesas VP allows you to simulate IGBT and MOSFET operation.

Applicable Products: MOSFETs and IGBTs

Application Designer

Analyze operation waveforms and power efficiency of power factor correction (PFC) and inverter circuits, and check junction temperature.

Applicable Products: IGBTs

Active Datasheet

Check the electrical characteristics of IGBTs and MOSFETs under conditions you specify in the same kinds of graphs as those found in datasheets.

Applicable Products: MOSFETs and IGBTs

iSim Design & Simulation Tool

Power management and op amp design tool that allows you to quickly select supporting components, build your schematic and validate your design.

Applicable Products: Power Management and Op Amps

PowerCompass Multi-Rail Design Tool

The PowerCompass tool helps users quickly identify parts that match their specific requirements, set up multiple rails, perform high-level system analysis, and generate custom reference design files.

Applicable Products: Power Management

Smart Analog Web Simulator (Renesas VA)

Renesas VA has been discontinued. Thank you very much for your patronage.