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R-IN Consortium Diagram

What is the Renesas R-IN Consortium?

R-IN: Renesas’s Platform for Industry

The Renesas R-IN Consortium is a partner collaboration for industry 4.0 that makes factory more efficient and provides added value

  • The consortium can offer various solutions to customers that develop industrial systems.

The merits of using the Renesas R-IN Consortium.

  1. We introduce the most suitable partners from customers with over 70 experienced and trusted companies.
  2. Since Renesas and partners closely share and collaborate with each other in development information and know-how, combination verification is completed in advance, so development progresses smoothly. As a result, we will contribute to the early market introduction of your equipment.
  3. Our Consortium is a technology group of 70 or more companies, please let us know that it is difficult to make inquiries from industrial LSI selection to Cloud device development. The Consortium Secretariat, which works in conjunction with the Renesas Business Division, will be the primary contact point and resolve customer issues.

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