MCUs Note1 On-chip Debugging Emulators
RL78 E2 emulator
E2 emulator Lite
E1 emulator Note2
RX RX700 Series E2 emulator
E2 emulator Lite
E1 emulator
E20 emulator
RX600 Series
RX200 Series E2 emulator
E2 emulator Lite
E1 emulator Note2
RX100 Series
RH850 E2 emulator
E1 emulator Note2
SH-4A Core, SH-4 Core
SH-3 Core, SH2A-DUAL
SH-2A Core, SH-2 Core (Incl. SH/Tiny)
V850 E1 emulator Note2
78K 78K0R E1 emulator Note2
R8C R8C/Mx Series E8a
R8C/Lx Series E1 emulator Note2
R8C/5x Series E1 emulator Note2
R8C/3x Series E1 emulator Note2
R8C/3xT-A Series E1 emulator Note2
R8C/2x Series, R8C/1x Series E8a
M32R M32R/ECU Series M32100T-EZ-E
M16C R32C/100 Series E30A
M32C/80 Series, M16C/60 Series E8a
M16C/50 Series, M16C/30 Series
M16C/20 Series, M16C/10 Series -
M16C/Tiny Series E8a
H8SX H8SX/1700 Series, H8SX/1600 Series E10A-USB
H8SX/1500 Series
H8S H8S/2600 Series, H8S/2500 Series -
H8S/2400 Series, H8S/2300 Series E10A-USB
H8S/2200 Series, H8S/2100 Series
H8S/Tiny Series E8a
H8 H8/300H Tiny Series E8a
H8 Super Low Power Series E8a
740 [QzROM] 38000 Series E8a
[QzROM] 740 Series -
720 [QzROM] 4500 Series -
[QzROM] 720 Series


  1. Family and series names of target devices for an emulator. For details of the supported devices, see the specific emulator page as there are some unsupported MCUs depending on device groups.
  2. Although E20 Emulator is also available, the available debugging function corresponds to that of E1 Emulator.