RX63N and RX631 Group of MCUs 1-bit SD-mode SDIO Driver Software Library (Discontinued product)


This 1-bit SD-mode SDIO Driver Software Library is for the control of 1-bit SD-mode SDIO devices on MCUs of the RX63N and RX631 Groups of the RX600 series.

Release Information

Driver Software Library
Latest Ver.: V1.01
Release: Sep 30, 2014

Operating environment



The driver software supports clock-synchronous serial communications through GPIO port pins of an RX63N or RX631 Group MCU and controls 1-bit SD-mode SDIO devices through the sending and receiving of SD commands by controlling the RSPI port.

Notice: This driver software is exclusively for use with connected SDIO devices. That is, this driver software doesn't support SD memory cards. This software only supports the SDR mode of clock timing; it does not support DDR.



This driver software supports Part E1, SDIO Specification, version 4.00, in version 2.00 of the SD Specifications.



Items Description Note
Software library 1-bit SD-mode SDIO driver software library for RX63N and RX631 devices Only provided in cases where a contract for mass-production has been concluded.
Header files Header files for the 1-bit SD-mode SDIO driver software for RX63N and RX631 devices Only provided in cases where a contract for mass-production has been concluded.
Related sample source codes Source code demonstrating interrupt control, input and output through GPIO port pins, and clock-synchronous single-master control of the RSPI  
Release note Release note  
Application note Application note for using this software with the sample source code  


Software Structure

Example of a Hardware Connection



Operating Environment

Board Renesas Starter Kit+ for RX63N
CPU R5F563NBBDFC RX63N (1024-KB code ROM,128-KB RAM)
Operating frequency ICLK: 96 MHz; PCLKB: 48 MHz; SDRAM Clock; 48 MHz (When SDRAM is to be used)
C Compiler C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family (tool chain:
OS µITRON 4.0-specification Real-time OS for RX Family (RI600V4)
IDE Renesas CubeSuite+ V2.02.00



  • This driver software outputs an SD clock signal. The frequency of this clock depends on the PCLKB clock settings of the MCU.
  • The driver is only for use with little endian.

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