Automotive Li-Ion/Li Polymer Battery Charger Evaluation Board


The ISL78692EVAL1Z is a complete platform for the evaluation on all datasheet specifications and functionalities. The onboard 8-bit DIP switch facilitates battery charge current programming, setting EN input, temperature monitoring status, and so on. The four jumpers can set up input source selection, USB mode selection, and can be used to make other necessary connections.

The ISL78692EVAL1Z board is intended to provide an evaluation platform for the 3mmx3mm DFN ISL78692 package, single-cell Li-ion battery charger.

The device along with key components constitute a complete charger solution, demonstrating the space saving advantage of the ISL78692 in limited space applications.

Key Features

  • Complete charger for single-cell Li-ion batteries
  • Integrated pass element and current sensor
  • No external blocking diode required
  • 1% voltage accuracy
  • Programmable current limit up to 0.5A
  • NTC thermistor interface for battery temperature monitor, 8-bit DIP switch for conveniently setting up charging current, battery thermal status, EN input, and so on.
  • Different jumpers for input source selection, USB mode selection, and the convenience of current measurement.
  • Test points provided for STATUS, FAULT, TIME, EN, V2P8 and TEMP functional pins to allow for monitoring the device pins.
  • Board size 3.5" x 2.5" for the convenience of evaluation
  • Eight thermal vias in the thermal pad
  • RoHS compliant


  • Automotive systems
  • eCall systems
  • Backup battery systems

ISL78692EVAL1Z Evaluation Board

ISL78692EVAL1Z Evaluation Board


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