ISL70591SEHEVAL1Z & ISL70592SEHEVAL1Z Evaluation Boards

Radiation Hardened 100µA and 1mA Precision Constant Current Sources

The ISL70591SEH and ISL70592SEH ICs are radiation hardened 100µA and 1mA precision constant current sources designed for thermistor and other resistive sensor excitation applications. Their two-terminal floating type topology allows the load to be connected at the high side (+V pin), low side (-V pin), or at both the high and low sides of the current source. It is specifically designed to operate in the harsh environment of space.

The ISL70591SEHEVAL1Z and ISL70592SEHEVAL1Z evaluation boards provide a quick and easy method to evaluate the ISL70591SEH 100µA and ISL70592SEH 1mA current sources. A thorough knowledge of the ISL70591SEH/92SEH's operation is required to use this evaluation board properly. Refer to the ISL70591SEH datasheet for information about the devices' function and performance.

Key Features

  • Convenient test points and connections for test equipment
  • Jumpers to select between a short (0Ω resistor), 100Ω resistor or 1kΩ resistor at either the input side or output side, or at both sides of the current source
  • Banana jacks for:
    • Power
    • Ground
    • Connecting external loads and circuitry such as external sensors and signal conditioning circuits (for example, instrumentation amplifiers) between VS and VP and/or between VM and GND


  • Sensor excitation
  • Biasing network
  • Low voltage references
  • Ramp generators