Dual & Quad Micropower Single Supply Rail-to-Rail Input and Output (RRIO) Op Amp Eval Boards


ISL28288EVAL1Z and ISL28488EVAL1Z evaluate the ISL28288 and ISL28488 dual and quad micropower op amps.

The ISL28288 and ISL28488 are dual and quad channel micropower operational amplifiers optimized for single supply operation over the 2.4V to 5.5V range. They can be operated from one lithium cell or two Ni-Cd batteries. For equivalent performance in a single channel op amp, reference EL8188.

Key Features

  • Single supply (+2.4VDC to +5VDC) 
  • Split supplies (±1.2VDC to ±2/5V) 
  • 4 (ISL28488) or 2 (ISL28288) independent op amps connected for differential input 
  • Closed loop gain of 10 VREF pin and provisions for a user-selectable 
  • Voltage divider (filter is included)


  • Battery- or solar-powered systems 
  • 4mA to 25mA current loops 
  • Handheld consumer products 
  • Medical devices 
  • Thermocouple amplifiers 
  • Photodiode pre-amps 
  • pH probe amplifiers

ISL28288EVAL1Z Dual Op Amp Eval Board

ISL28288EVAL1Z Dual Op Amp Eval Board

ISL28488EVAL1Z Quad Op Amp Eval Board

ISL28488EVAL1Z Quad Op Amp Eval Board

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