Single Precision Rail-to-Rail Input-Output (RRIO) Low Input Bias Current Op Amps Eval Boards


The ISL28148EVAL1Z and ISL28158EVAL1Z evaluation boards are design platforms containing all the circuitry needed to characterize critical performance parameters of the ISL28148 and ISL28158 operational amplifiers, using a variety of user defined test circuits.

The ISL28148 high-speed operational amplifier features low power consumption, while the ISL28158 operational amplifier features ultra-low power consumption. All op amps have rail-to-rail output drive capability and are designed to operate with a single lithium cell or two Ni_Cd batteries.

Key Features

  • Operates from a single supply, +2.4VDC to +5.5VDC or from split supplies, ±1.2VDC to ±2.75V
  • Configured for a single op amp connected for differential input with a closed loop gain of 10
  • Contains a single external reference voltage (VREF) pin and provisions for a user-selectable voltage divider (filter included)


  • 4mA to 20mA current loops
  • Medical devices
  • Sensor amplifiers
  • ADC buffers
  • DAC output amplifiers

ISL281x8EVAL1Z Precision Op Amp Eval Boards

ISL281x8EVAL1Z Precision Op Amp Eval Boards

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