The ISL28022EVKIT1Z, ISL28023EVKIT1Z and ISL28025EVKIT1Z digital power monitor evaluation kits are three-board designs that demonstrate the functionality of the ISL28022, ISL28023 and ISL28025.

Intersil's ISL2802x digital power monitor family delivers high accuracy measurements in a wide input common mode voltage range (0V to 60V), providing designers with a high level of safety margin that is often necessary in wired, wireless and data infrastructure applications.

Key Features

  • Monitors supply voltages up to 60V
  • Digital output via I²C, SMBus and PMBus-compatible serial interface
  • I²C operates down to 1.2V
  • Operating voltages from 3V to 5.5V
  • User defined threshold alerts (OV,OC,UV)
  • Integrated 8-bit voltage output margin DAC
  • Internal 3.3V voltage regulator
  • Real-time alerts (500ns response time)
  • Internal temp sensor with average accuracy of +1C
  • Wide specified temperature range (-40 to 125°C)


  • Routers and servers
  • DC/DC, AC/DC converters
  • Battery management/charging
  • Automotive power
  • Power distribution
  • Medical and test equipment

ISL2802xEVKIT1Z Digital Power Monitor Evaluation Kit

ISL2802xEVKIT1Z Digital Power Monitor Evaluation Kit


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