Micropower, Rail-to-Rail Input Current Sense Amplifier Eval Board


The ISL28005 and ISL28006 are ground-sensing current sense amplifiers that amplify milli-volt current signals developed across sub-1Ω sense resistors.

The ISL28005 sub-family of lower cost amplifiers for general (current) sensing applications featuring measurement accuracies better than 4% and input offset voltages less than 500μV over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range.

For greater precision, the ISL28006 sub-family offers gain accuracy and input offset voltages as low as 1% and 300μV over the full temperature range, depending on the device.

The ISL28005/6 evaluation board is a design platform containing all the circuitry needed to characterize critical performance parameters of the ISL28005/6 in either a high side or low-side current sense application. The ISL28005/6 is available in fixed 100V/V, 50V/V, 20V/V gains.

Key Features

  • Low Power Consumption: 50µA,Typ
  • Supply Range: 2.7V to 28V
  • Wide Common Mode Input: 0V to 28V
  • Fixed Gain Versions
    • ISL28005-100: 100V/V
    • ISL28005-50: 50V/V
    • ISL28005-20: 20V/V
  • ISL28005
    • Vos Max = 500uV
    • Gain Accuracy max = 2%
  • ISL28006
    • Vos Max = 250uV
    • Gain Accuracy max = 0.7%
    • Adjustable Gain Option – ISL28006-ADJ


  • Power Management/Monitors
  • Power Distribution and Safety
  • DC/DC, AC/DC Converters
  • Battery Management /Charging
  • Automotive Power Distribution

ISL28005/6FH-xxEV1Z Current Sense Amplifier Eval Board

ISL28005/6FH-xxEV1Z Current Sense Amplifier Eval Board

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