Wideband Programmable Modulator (WPM) Evaluation Board


The HSP50415EVAL1 is an evaluation kit for the HSP50415 wideband programmable modulator. The kit consists of an evaluation circuit card Assembly (CCA) complete with the HSP50415 device and additional circuitry to provide for control via a computer parallel port. Windows based demonstration software is provided for full user programmability and control of all HSP50415 operational modes.

The evaluation board provides digital outputs which are accessible through a standard logic analyzer header. It also provides both single ended and differential analog outputs via standard SMA connectors. Documentation includes a user's manual, full evaluation board schematics and PCB layout materials. Special filter files, pattern files and example configuration script files are included for quickly configuring the board.

Key Features

  • Evaluation CCA Complete With HSP50415 Wideband Programmable Modulator
  • Windows Based Demonstration Software
  • Example Files For Common Modulation Techniques


  • Wide-Band Digital Modulation 
  • Base Station Modulators

HSP50415EVAL1 Wideband Programmable Modulator Eval Board

HSP50415EVAL1 Wideband Programmable Modulator Eval Board

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