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Use the following table to identify which Renesas drivers will best meet the needs of your next project:

Device Characteristics ISL89160/1/2 ISL89163/4/5 ISL89166/7/8 ISL89367
Hysteretic Precision Input Logic Levels 3.3V CMOS,
5.0 CMOS
3.3V CMOS,
5.0V CMOS,
3.3V CMOS,
5.0 CMOS
User adjustable, 3V..10V
Peak Output Drive Current 6A
Peak Drive with Parallel Outputs 12A
Single Logic Inputs Dual Outputs Y   Y  
Dual Logic Inputs Dual Outputs   Y   Y
Programmable Delays     Y Y
Operating Range 4.5V .. 16V
About Renesas SR FET Drivers

Intersil's family of high-speed, 6A, dual channel MOSFET drivers are available with and without enable inputs for each channel. These SR FET drivers can be customized to fit the needs of your project with a variety of input logic thresholds including 3.3V (CMOS), 5.0V (CMOS or TTL compatible) and CMOS thresholds that are proportional to VDD.

Precision thresholds on all logic inputs allow the use of external RC circuits to generate accurate and stable time delays on both inputs, INA and INB. This capability is very useful for dead time control. Alternatively, the ISL89166/7/8 drivers feature programmable delays for improved accuracy.

At high switching frequencies, these MOSFET drivers use very little bias current. Separate, non-overlapping drive circuits are used to drive each CMOS output FET to prevent shoot-through currents in the output stage.

Family Values

  • Typical ON-resistance <1Ω
  • Specified Miller Plateau Drive Currents
  • Very Low Thermal Impedance (θJC = 3°C/W)
  • Hysteretic Input Logic Levels
  • Precision Threshold Inputs for Time Delays with External RC Components
  • 20ns Rise and Fall Time Driving a 10nF Load.


  • Synchronous Rectifier (SR) Driver
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies
  • Motor Drives, Class D Amplifiers, UPS, Inverters
  • Pulse Transformer Driver
  • Clock/Line Driver
Logic Selection for ISL89160/1/2

High-Speed, Dual Channel, 6A, 4.5 to 16VOUT, Power MOSFET Driver

Choose Logic Configuration:

Logic Selection for ISL89163/4/5

High-Speed, Dual Channel, 6A, Power MOSFET Drivers with Enable Inputs

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Logic Selection for ISL89166/7/8

High-Speed, Dual Channel, 6A, Power MOSFET Drivers With Programmable Delays

Choose Logic Configuration:

Logic Selection for ISL89367

High-Speed, Dual Channel, 6A, MOSFET Driver With Programmable Rising and Falling Edge Delay Timers

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