Renesas Security Mission

Renesas establishes and maintains dependable security foundations, building long-term trust in our products and our customer's solutions.

Security Built on Experience

Renesas has roots in building highly dependable systems. Our strong security foundations are built on our expertise in automotive functional safety and security. Renesas is a contributing member to the development of ISO 26262 (Functional Safety) and ISO/SAE 21434 (Automotive Security) standards. Automotive security complexity is rapidly expanding including standardization (ISO/SAE 21434) and regulation (such as UNECE R155). Renesas is a partner you can trust to navigate this space.

Automotive Security Standards

Layered Security Approach

Secure Design Lifecycle

Renesas strives to build high-quality, highly reliable products. Doing so requires a comprehensive Secure Design Lifecycle (SDL). Renesas is building its automotive design process around the ISO/SAE 21434 security standard.

Security Products

Renesas offers security solutions to meet customer requirements across product domains. Our innovative security solutions within Renesas devices include HSMs (hardware security modules) and dedicated cryptographic accelerators help meet the increasing demand for device security.

Automotive devices including security solutions:

Automotive Secure Design Lifecycle

Software is often needed to interact with hardware. Renesas offers a single-source option for security solutions in addition to our solutions partners.

Security Solutions Partners

Renesas partners with best-in-class security solutions providers to bring innovative and secure solutions to serve our customers' needs.

Security Support and Training

Renesas supports automotive customers worldwide with a global team of experts. Renesas is committed to improving security knowledge both with our customers and internally within our organization.

Security Industry Engagement

Renesas strives to contribute to shaping national and international security standards and serves on various cross-industry and academic security initiatives.

Industry Involvement:

  • ISO/SAE 21434 JWG - Road Vehicles - Cybersecurity Engineering
  • SAE J3101 - Requirements for Hardware-Protected Security for Ground Vehicle Applications
  • SAE G32 - Cyber Physical Systems Security Committee
  • Uptane Project – Securing Software Updates for Automobiles
  • Auto-ISAC
  • AVCC - Autonomous Vehicles Computing Consortium
  • JASPAR Cybersecurity Working Group

Government Programs and Academic Initiatives:

  • NEDO, Japan governmental organization Strategic Innovation Promotion Program
  • Development of Secure Cryptographic Unit (SCU) for IoT System collaborate with ECSEC(Electric Commerce Security Technology Research Association)
  • Joint R&D with Yokohama National University, developing the next generation of hardware security technology to enable innovative security solutions and products
  • CATARC - China Automotive Technology and Research Center

Product Security Incident Response

Renesas is a member of the Auto-ISAC and key contributor to the ISO 21434 standardization committee. The Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is dedicated to working with customers and security researchers to facilitate responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities in Renesas automotive products. More information can be found on our PSIRT site.





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