CSR Activities 2018 (Social and Environmental)

Our CSR Goals

image, Bunsei Kure

We will contribute to the sustainable advancement of society by achieving growth as One Global Renesas and aim to be the world’s no. 1 position

Bunsei Kure
Representative Director, President & CEO

Our aim is to achieve sustainable growth by becoming a trusted partner of our customers around the world

In 2017, following the increase in sales mainly from higher demands in automotive and industrial products, the completion of the purchase of Intersil in February 2017, the dissipation of the impact from the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016, and as a result of unified efforts to implement the Reform Plan, the Group achieved a double-digit operating margin, bringing the establishment of a stable financial base clearly into view.
The Group will continue to implement efforts of the following themes: “Expanding and Strengthening of Business Portfolio to Accelerate the Leap from Structural Reforms of the Growth Stage” and “Continuous Optimization of the Manufacturing Structure”.
In order to win deeper trust, Renesas Electronics is determined to reinforce and revitalize our human resources, as well as to focus our resources on our strategic segments and provide solutions that will increase value for our customers. By becoming trusted partners with our customers, we are confident that Renesas Electronics will also be able to generate stable profits and achieve sustainable growth.

We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by creating leading semiconductor solutions

In recent years, we have experienced global warming, localized heavy rainstorms, large droughts and other abnormal weather, together with issues on a global scale such as problems of water resources and energy that have become matters of international concern. The expanding disparity between rich and poor, the problem of conflict minerals, human rights issues and other such issues that can only be addressed by society as a whole, have grown to an overwhelming magnitude. In order to resolve issues like these and welcome a future of prosperity, Renesas Electronics is committed to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by creating leading semiconductor solutions. We will do this by providing semiconductor products that take into careful consideration their impact on the global environment, from design through to disposal, so that our customers can use our products with a sense of security. We will also work to make semiconductor products that consume less power and enable highly precise energy control functionality by means of our semiconductors, so as to contribute to the heightened energy-saving performance of our customers’ equipment. We are also committed to continuing consideration of the problems of human rights, the environment and conflict minerals.

Our work on developing and fostering human resources heightens their value and our corporate value as well

Going forward, the key to returning to the growth track and heightening the corporate value of Renesas Electronics is developing and fostering human resources. As we see it, a vibrantly energetic workplace and employees who can work autonomously are also important components.
In addition to continuing our efforts to foster human resources through employee education and other measures, Renesas Electronics introduced a new personnel evaluation system in 2014 for the purpose of raising employee motivation and promoting their ability to work autonomously. Moreover, we established the “Organization Development Unit” in 2016, targeting a more efficient business operation and a highly flexible and integrated organization, on top of human resource development. Our aim for the future under this new evaluation system is to create a society and a workplace that enables every individual employee to work autonomously with a high degree of motivation and to display their creative abilities.

As good corporate citizens, we will work to increase our contributions to society with the aim of achieving harmonious coexistence with the local community

Our goal at Renesas Electronics is to become a corporate citizen that is a familiar, friendly presence for the residents of the local communities in which we operate. It is important, therefore, that Renesas Electronics also accurately grasps the needs of the local community members and provides a solid response.
The Renesas Electronics Group is engaging in social contribution programs in different regions throughout the world. Looking to the future, we aim to continue serving as a good corporate citizen, to listen to what the residents of the local communities are saying, to become a company that is viewed warmly by local communities, and to coexist in harmony with them.

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