Renesas offers RF amplifiers with a variety of gain, noise figure and linearity features, in either differential or single-ended input impedances. The products feature innovative Zero-Distortion™ technology, enabling high output IP3 with very low current consumption – setting them apart from simple gain block amplifiers.

In addition, the RF amplifiers feature built-in broadband baluns to support wide-band applications with differential inputs and outputs. The products are designed for high-reliability operation, using a SiGe amplifier die together with an integrated passive device (IPD) die and proven high-volume QFN packaging.

Download: RF Amplifiers with Zero-Distortion Technology (PDF)

About RF Amplifiers
An RF amplifier (or radio frequency amplifier) is used to amplify high-frequency signals in radio communications equipment. An RF amplifier is typically found in both transmitters and receivers, each with specific requirements for gain, noise figure, and linearity. Offering high-performance, low-power RF amplifiers in both single-ended and differential configurations helps the system designer address a variety of RF transmitter applications with a minimum number of components.


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