Renesas amplifiers are among the industry's highest-performance, highest-value amplifier ICs on the market. Our broad operational amplifier (op amp) portfolio provides for a wide range of next-gen precision instrumentation, medical, communication, and industrial process control applications where innovation, reliability and dependability are central to the analog designs.

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ISL28230 Micropower, Low Drift, RRIO Operational Amplifier
ISL28291 Dual Supply Ultra-Low Noise, Low Distortion Rail-to-Rail Output, Op Amp
READ2302 High Drivability & High Slew Rate, Input Output Full Range, CMOS Dual Operational Amplifier
REAC1251 Low offset bipolar, single supply high slew rate operation amplifier
UPC842 Single Power Supply, High-speed, Wide Band, Operational Amplifier


Title language Type Format File Size Date
AN1694: The Four Basic Building Blocks of an Op Amp Application Note PDF 357 KB
Analog ICs Brochure 日本語 Brochure PDF 2.72 MB
How to Monitor Sensor Health with Instrumentation Amplifiers White Paper PDF 630 KB
Sensing Elements for Current Measurements 简体中文 White Paper PDF 413 KB
Advanced Complementary Bipolar Processes on Bonded-SOI Substrates (PR40) White Paper PDF 159 KB