This is a highly integrated, yet modular and flexible, charger cradle, supporting independent power rails to recharge TWS earbuds and hearing-aids.

By Michael Joehren, Solutions Architect -- 2022-05

The ability to sense air quality with low cost and miniature sensors has now been enabled with standards-based definitions from global governments and industry associations.

By Dave Simpson, Director of Marketing Industrial Sensing -- 2022-05

Kim looks at the importance of security certifications and explains how embedded developers can be assured that the heart of their product’s security works correctly.

By Kimberly Dinsmore, Embedded Security Specialist -- 2022-05

QE for Capacitive Touch supports development of gesture applications with the use of AI. I will explain the creation and operation of the gesture and the recognition accuracy.

By Hiroto Takagi, Sr Staff Software Engineer -- 2022-05

Data as individual facts, statistics, or an assortment of information, do face an enormous increase of its importance and there has been an unprecedented explosion within the needs, usability and deployment of these data streams and information. However, data can only be of significance when it can be analyzed to infer factual values and for better insights to improve decisions. Extracting insights from the enormous volumes of data using different scientific methods and algorithms such as pattern recognition, data mining and KDD is called data science. Data science helps achieve better insights and better understanding, guides, and gains efficiency efforts, and informs and enables predictions.

By Suad Jusuf, Senior Manager -- 2022-05

Are you struggling with manual ISP tuning and multitude of confusing parameter optimization to improve your images? RZ/V2M’s "Tuned ISP" is the answer you’ve been looking for to reduce your development time and speed up time-to-market (TTM).

By Shinji Yamano, Principal Specialist -- 2022-05

IIoT endpoint devices are becoming increasingly intelligent with significant computing and AI capabilities at very low-power at the end-point, privacy and minimal bandwidth needs.

By Sailesh Chittipeddi, Executive Vice President and General Manager of IIBU -- 2022-05

Tim explains how the new Arm Cortex-M85 platform raises the bar for microcontroller performance and how the RA family will evolve to take advantage of the possibilities.

By Tim Burgess, Senior Director, Product Marketing, IoT Platform Business Division -- 2022-04

The high complexity of future vehicle systems will require to move away from today’s distributed automotive E/E architecture towards a more centralized E/E structure which will be based on a less but much more powerful ECUs instead many individual control entities. The RH850/U2x Zone-ECU Virtualization Solution Platform is a development platform that provides a pre-integrated solution including relevant SW-products and tools to allow automotive customers a ready-to-go approach for their individual Zone-ECU project. Based on a collaboration between ETAS and Renesas, the Zone-ECU Virtualization Solution Platform combines the MCU HW key-features for Zone, like hypervisor-support, safety, security, QoS and more with the outstanding SW-product portfolio and SW-competence of ETAS.

By Darren Buttle, Head of RTA Solutions at ETAS Germany -- 2022-04

Using the new functions of CTSU2SL on the RX140, the automatic judgement and the MEC (Multiple Electrode Connection) functions, can realizes low power consumption of the capacitive touch sensors.

By Shuya Ogino, Software Engineer -- 2022-04