"I want to use AI in embedded systems, but I have trouble with ROM/RAM size restrictions." We often hear these concerns. On September 30th, we released e-AI Translator V2.1.0, which is ideal for solving these problems. By supporting the AI trained model with 8bit quantization of "TensorFlow Lite", the ROM/RAM usage of the neural network can be reduced.
By Toshiyuki Syo, Principal Engineer -- 2021-10

After introducing 10BASE-T1S and CAN XL in a previous post we will take a deeper look how both protocols could be used in a system and what is necessary to connect CAN XL and 10BASE-T1S to a IVN backbone. Based on a demonstration system prepared by Renesas running a gateway application for CAN XL and 10BASE-T1S we could break down the tasks performed in a gateway and measure the processing time for each of it.  Knowing that gateways are complex components already in today’s systems optimization proposals are made, discussed and the effect on processing time are measured and visualized.

By Thorsten Hoffleit, Senior Manager -- 2021-10

Introducing the I3C interface for DDR5 DIMM LED control solution based on New Entry-line RA Family RA2E2 MCU Group.

By Cheng Ping Chan, Staff Engineer -- 2021-10

In this article, we will introduce a new board feature of the Smart Configurator tool. This feature will assist you in selecting software components (i.e., middleware and drivers) that will work nicely with your Renesas board.

By Leonard Kong, Manager -- 2021-10

In this blog, we will explain how Renesas contributes with the new R-Car S4 based chipset to a smarter E/E architecture in the Automotive market.

By Adam Korbel, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-10

We introduce how to extract the parameter of the user own motor by using the Tuner function of Renesas Motor Workbench with RA6T1, followed by an explanation how to fill the gathered parameters into the sample program and explain the basic functions of the encoder FOC sample program.

By Takeo Mimura, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-10

Are you looking for a connected car development environment to easily start? Introducing the new design tool "CCPF-SK (Connected Car Platform - Starter Kit)" that contributes to put customers' ideas into concrete shape.

By Takahiko Gomi, Principal Engineer -- 2021-10

In the second entry of this series, we will present the basics of automotive radar: the principle of FMCW radar, radar processing and the architecture of a radar module.

By Marta Martínez Vázquez, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-09

In this Blog, we will discuss how electrical fast transients (EFTs) are caused, how transceiver EFT performance is measured, and the EFT measurement results for the RAA78815x transceivers family.

By Tom Kugelstadt, Principal Applications Engineer -- 2021-09

The new RX140 in the RX100 series contributes to improved device performance and lower power consumption. It also features the latest touch-key IP to further enhance the design and usability of customer products.

By Shun Matsuo, IoT Product Engineer -- 2021-09