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Contributes to reduction of ROM / RAM usage by 8-bit quantization Released e-AI Translator V2.1.0 for TensorFlow Lite
"I want to use AI in embedded systems, but I have trouble with ROM/RAM size restrictions." We often hear these concerns. On September 30th, we released e-AI Translator V2.1.0, which is ideal for solving these problems. By supporting the AI trained model with 8bit quantization of "TensorFlow Lite", the ROM/RAM usage of the neural network can be reduced.
By Toshiyuki Syo, Principal Engineer - Oct 18, 2021
The Art of Networking (Series 5): CAN XL and 10BASE-T1S – Gateway performance of two new actors in the networking arena

After introducing 10BASE-T1S and CAN XL in a previous post we will take a deeper look how both protocols could be used in a system and what is necessary to connect CAN XL and 10BASE-T1S to a IVN backbone. Based on a demonstration system prepared by Renesas running a gateway application for CAN XL and 10BASE-T1S we could break down the tasks performed in a gateway and measure the processing time for each of it.  Knowing that gateways are complex components already in today’s systems optimization proposals are made, discussed and the effect on processing time are measured and visualized.

By Thorsten Hoffleit, Senior Manager - Oct 15, 2021
RA2E2 feature

Introducing the I3C interface for DDR5 DIMM LED control solution based on New Entry-line RA Family RA2E2 MCU Group.

By Cheng Ping Chan, Staff Engineer - Oct 13, 2021